Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In general, how long does it take for your personalized orders to be shipped out after the order is received?
A: Most of the year, orders are shipped out within 2-5 days. During my busiest season, Christmas, it may take as long as two weeks for orders to be shipped out.

Q: Can we view all of the stock embroidery designs on the web?
A: Yes, the majority of our designs are purchased from Dakota Collectibles. Simply go to their website, www.dakotacollectibles.com. On the left side of their site they have a portion labeled “Browse Designs”. Under that label are many subcategories to view. When you have found a design that you would like to use, simply have the file number available so I will be able to find the correct design (usually two letters followed by four numbers). Colors may be changed.

Q: Where are you located?
A: In Hartford, South Dakota

Q: What can be done with my business logo or other design for embroidery?
A: A design cannot be simply scanned in and then embroidered. It must be digitized first for my machine to recognize it. In this process, every stitch is put into the design. The cost of this process is approximately $50-$75, depending on the difficulty of the design. Turn around time is anywhere from 3 days and up. My digitizer does a wonderful job so please call today!

Shopping Information

Create-your-own Gifts: We can create almost everything for you! Wording, designs and colors may be changed. Just email us and tell us how we can help you. We have provided a starting point for completely personalized gifts. Please remember, this form is just a starting point. We will be contacting you prior to sewing, production or charging you for anything. We would love to create something personal just for you-please try us out-we will not disappoint you!

Personalization Tips: Please be very careful when entering personalization information. We try our best to catch misspellings or typos, but we cannot be responsible if you have given us the wrong information. Here are some guidelines to help assist you:
• Enter personalization as you would like it to appear with capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and characters such as &, @, or *.
• Do not type in all capital letters or all lower case letters unless that is how you want the item to appear.
• Some embroidered designs are always done with either all uppercase letters or upper and lowercase letters. For these designs, we will keep it consistent with what we always do…no matter what you have typed.

Designs: The majority of our designs come from Dakota Collectibles, a very popular and well-known company throughout the embroidery industry. You may look at their Design Library at www.dakotacollectibles.com.

Color: You choose your garment colors as you place your order. Since the embroidery colors must change on specific garment colors, if you do not specify a specific color combination for embroidery, we will pick the colors for you.

Returns: All of the products that we offer are personalized, therefore are non-returnable.

Greeting Cards: When ordering an item, there is an option to purchase a greeting card for $2.00. Inside of the card, you may include a personalized message. Please type your message exactly how you want it to be written-including “Dear, Suzie” and “Love, Laura” for example.

Changes: Because of our fast delivery time, changes to your order are usually not possible. If you do need to make a change, call us immediately 605-359-4929 or email crystal@checkeredgrafx.com. We cannot guarantee that the change can be implemented after placing the order.

Payment: We accept payments through PayPal.

Secure Information: All of the information that we receive from our customers are completely confidential and are not supplied to any third parties. This includes name, address, phone, credit card information, email and all others.



Shipping Information

Confirmation: You will have 24 hours to correct the information from the time that you placed the order. After the 24 hour grace period, we will complete and ship your order and are not responsible for any misinformation.

Shipping & Delivery: Most purchases are shipped from our South Dakota location within 2-3 days of placing the order. All purchases are shipped through the US Postal Service Priority Mail.